About Us (Then & Now): Celebrating 50 Years!

The Friends of the Mount Pleasant Public Library – FMPPL – a recognized not-for-profit volunteer organization, has been dedicated to the promotion, welfare and support of the Mount Pleasant Public Library at least since 1965 and possibly longer. We have gone through old records in the Library basement and have discovered minutes of meetings and reports from a predecessor volunteer organization called The Friends of the Library Association from 1961, with handwritten membership rolls, typewritten lists of movies shown at the Library using Friends' funding, lists of books the Library was interested in receiving as donations, etc. In the old days, the Friends of the Library Association was responsible for selecting a lot of what went on at the Library, and volunteers helped out with clipping articles for the Library's local history files, choosing art works to be displayed in the library, circulating a newsletter of upcoming programs to all members, purchasing items for the staff lounge and other functions that have now been taken over by professionals. At times during our history, our Steering Committee included the Library Director, who presided over Board meetings and our members voted on which individual Library entertainment programs to fund. They were invited to Library Trustees' meetings by typewritten letters from the Library Director. The Friends of the Library Association's frequent meetings were held during the middle of the day, because members were retired men, or women who didn't have paid jobs, and agendas were snail-mailed, sometimes with the notation "bring a sandwich"!

As the library became more modernized and insurance and safety issues gained prominence, the organization evolved to become a separate and independent not-for-profit corporation with its own tax-exempt status, otherwise known as a 501 (c)(3) corporation. Our name was officially changed to the Friends of the Mount Pleasant Public Library Inc. or FMMPL Inc. Our purpose is to build and maintain an association of persons interested in the library, its services, facilities and needs; to provide an important source of assistance and supplemental revenue to promote the use and enjoyment of the library by the entire community. In cooperation with the Director and the Trustees of the Mount Pleasant Public Library, all funds raised will be used for the enhancement of the library, its services and to foster public support. Now many of our Board members have daytime jobs so we do most our Board communications by email, holding face-to-face meetings only a few times a year. But we have not changed our focus - to support community use and enjoyment of the Mount Pleasant Public Library in whatever ways we can. We primarily raise funds through two sources: membership dues and semi-annual book sales. We work closely with the Trustees of the Library of determine how the funds we raise will be used to enhance the Library's resources, services and programs. We also work to encourage public support, involvement and appreciation for our Library. We co-sponsor a lecture series with The Group, another long-time local organization that has its roots in the library. Check our "Upcoming Events" page for more information. We recently partnered with Pace University students who designed this website as part of their course study - many thanks for their time and effort.

Volunteers from Pace, local schools, churches and community groups, and individuals are also vital for providing help during our book sales. It is truly a community effort that includes a variety of ages. If you have a few hours to spare, please volunteer HERE

Current Officers of FMPPL
President:  Kathy Schuler
Vice President:  David Virrill
Treasurer:  Therese de Chaves
Secretary:  Tanya Cunningham
Book Sale Chairpersons:  Marcia Ferrauto, Dave Virrill, Therese de Chaves

The FMPPL provides funding for various projects that help to improve the Library's ability to provide service to our community. Simply put, we raise money to ensure a first-class enriching library experience for all Mount Pleasant Public Library patrons. Over the past decade these projects have included:

Creation of a pre-school area in the Janet Cooper Dakin Children's Room
New book-drop at the branch library
Funding for the MPPL (Mount Pleasant Public Library) App
Funding for the Library's 2012 Strategic Planning Process
Purchase of DVD/CD Disk Repair System
Purchase of multi-function photo-copier
Renovations to staff work areas
Purchase of public computers for the Children's Room
Museum Pass Program