2019 Library Asbestos Abatement 
We aim to make this a spectacular sale, so we need your help.
If you kept your donations until now, please consult our Donate page for guidelines on content and condition.
While it is hard to say "No, thank you" to anyone wanting to donate, we have no use for materials that do not meet
our sale requirements. We pride ourselves on being known as having high quality books, neatly organized by category,
with reasonable prices and helpful volunteers.
We count on the contributions of so many!
            ~ We count on the generosity of our community to provide donations of books and media for our sale.
            ~ We count on a few dedicated volunteers to screen and sort those donations to ensure that only quality materials are kept
                for our sale and the rest is donated to others or recycled.
            ~ We count on other volunteers, especially our student volunteers, to set up tables and shelving and to do the heavy lifting
                that comes along with moving boxes of books onto the sales floor.
            ~ We count on volunteers, especially the Pace students for their "Make a Difference Day", to organize the sales floor, making
                it easier to find specific categories and favorite authors.
            ~ We count on local small businesses like LAM Design of Pleasantville to support our sale by donating signs and other
                professional quality graphic materials.
            ~ We count on our cashiers during the sale to cheerfully total up purchases and thank customers for their support of our sale.
            ~ We count on the many shoppers who come to our sale, who know that every dollar we raise is used to support the library
                and to expand the programs the library has to offer to the entire community.
            ~ And finally, we count on other charitable organizations to pick up the leftover books for use in other communities around
                the world that can benefit from good books.

"The Group" continues its lecture series  for 2019:
Last Meeting until September!
Friday, May 24th at 10:30 AM 
"The North 60 at Grasslands: Reprise"
 presented by Neil DeLuca
Recent lectures
"Hidden Treasures of the Husdon Valley, Vol. 3 "
Anthony P Musso

" Letterpress Printing is Alive and Well in Westchester "
 Steve Varvaro  

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Here's some of our other topics......
History Buff Walter Johanson presented
"It's Believe It or Not: It Happened in WW II
Gigi Carnes, WCDPR&C Curator presented
"It's Lovely Here! Glen Island 1879-1923:
Lectures begin at 10:30 AM downstairs in the Community Room at the library


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